Spiritual Healing Process – A New Way to Fix the Broken Hearted

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We are all in search of the universal truth. We are seeking a broader meaning of life. This must be a fact. In the last few years there is a paradigm shift. Are you keeping a tab on the newspaper headlines? Even Hollywood is changing. Celebrities are giving up smoking and drinking. Yoga and meditation are on the rise. A new awakening is taking place. Spiritual healing process is in progress. If you haven’t noticed, there are more vegans per square mile than ever before.

What is Spirituality?

As a nation, we have become a spiritual culture as we speak. Spirituality has taken the world by storm. Spirituality is a sense or belief that there is something greater than us. In addition, it involves the experience of love, compassion, knowledge and truth. However, it is subjective and is different for every person. Contrary to popular belief, spirituality is not the same as religion. Thus, many describe it as a divine intervention. Spirituality is a spiritual healing process.

The Positive Impact of Spirituality

Spirituality can or cannot be linked to religion. It helps us gain a sense of hope and meaning in life. For example, it gives you a higher sense of purpose. In reality, spirituality is the quintessence of life itself. Here are four benefits of spirituality:

  1. You experience more confidence, self-esteem, and self-control.
  2. Helps you make sense of your life
  3. Gives you inner strength
  4. Promotes better relationships with others

The Negative Impacts of Spirituality

Some people take advantage of emotionally vulnerable people. For instance, they might pretend to support your spirituality. Vulnerable people are easily lead in the wrong direction. The impacts of spirituality date back to the 16th century.

The History of Meditation

Meditation and spirituality go hand in hand. They both have the power to create a sense of peace, calm, and inner harmony. In fact, the oldest written records of meditation date back to 1500 BCE in India. Meditation is referenced as the training of the mind. Furthermore, many of these records come from Hindu traditions of Vedantism. Vedantism is the Buddhist Indian scriptures. However, no one knows when meditation officially started. BUDDHA - GOLD STATUTE

Many believe that meditation began in China as far back as the 3rd and 6Th century BC. Hence, it was linked to the Daoist, Laozi, an ancient Chinese philosopher.

Meditation was a common practice across many cultures and religions. Despite the fact that no one person is responsible for creating meditation, there has been a few people who mastered this practice. For example, the original Buddha, Lao-Tze of China, was one of the earliest teachers of meditation. Another teacher is the Japanese Monk, Dosho.

Meditation was popularized in the West in the 1700s. In fact, it wasn’t until the 20th century that it became prominent in the United States. On of the first Yogis was Swami Vivekananda. The brought the Eastern models of spirituality to the Western hemisphere.

As a result, his influence gave spiritual teachers from India a cause to migrate into the Unites States. By the 1960s and 1970s, meditation was being studied and researched by great minds. Today, it is a common practice. However, it is not just for those seeking spiritual fulfillment. Many of these spiritual leaders became great healers of the century.

The Four Pillars of a Healer

To be a healer is a high calling. For starters, they have to be an empathy expert. Second, They have to know how to help people in pain. In fact, true healers want the very best for their people. They are respected for their spiritual attributes. They exemplify:  CHILDREN - SHOW COMPASSION HUG

  1. Compassion
  2. Wisdom
  3. Competence
  4. Cultivation

Greatest Spiritual Healers of our Time

Paramahansa Yogananda is one of most inspiring spiritual figures of our time. The is a master of the science of yoga. In his book he talks about the experiences of his eventful childhood. The journals his encounters with saints and sages. During Yogananda’s thirty years of teaching the yoga, he met with celebrated spiritual healers. In addition, he befriended Mahatma Gandhi and Luther Burbank. The writes about his extraordinary events of his life spent examining the mysteries of the human existence. The masters of meditation and Yoga emphasize how to practice the process of self-healing.

Self-Healing Activities

  1. Positive visualization: Visualizing yourself in a relaxing, positive space can soothe your body and ease your mind.
  2. Listening to soothing music
  3. Making healthier food choices
  4. Start a gratitude journal
  5. Grow a garden

Five Ways to Build Strong Spiritual Connection with Your Partner

If you want a strong spiritual connection with someone you love, start with knowing who YOU are first. Whenever there is a strong bond between two people, it strengthens the foundation of the relationship. So, know where you stand with your partner. Here’s a checklist: COUPLE - BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP

1. Self-Reflection is key:

  1. What are your beliefs?
  2. What are your intentions and desires?
  3. What are your viewpoints on religion or spirituality?
  4. Do you practice some form of daily devotion or meditation?
  5. Do you enjoy conversations about spirituality or higher consciousness?

Deepak Chopra’s Object-Referral

Deepak Chopra refers to object-referral. This is when your happiness, success, and sense of personal value is based on what other people think of you. Moreover, your life is based on external things that you achieve or acquire. Unfortunately, this mindset leads to getting into a relationship for the wrong reason or you forget how to nurture you loved one.

2. Have Meaningful Conversations

Make sure to share your partner’s thoughts and viewpoints on spirituality and belief systems. Dig deep to make sure you are on the same page. Find out what’s important and what’s not. However, you don’t have to have the exact same beliefs and practices. At the end of the day, make sure your beliefs are aligned.

3. Design Your Daily Spiritual Practice

Identify things you will do on a daily basis. For example, you can begin and end your day doing 30 minutes of Yoga together. Sitting together doing Yoga is a powerful way to strengthen your relationship. Taking time to be still is empowering.

4. Create Time for Regular Intimacy

Practicing the act of intimacy is very relevant for spiritual connection. In fact, spiritual teachers believe that establishing and maintaining intimacy enables you to bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual realm. You raise the frequency of energy. When practiced with awareness, intention, respect, and physical intimacy is a highly spiritual experience.

5. Identify the Primary Intention of the Relationship

Take time to discuss the primary intention of your relationship. This will keep you both anchored to your purpose for being together. For one thing, your primary intention is to experience more happiness, joy, and connection in your life. Moreover, try set aside time to cultivate your connection. Map out a time to do yoga meditation together.

Building a spiritual connection is one of the most rewarding and fun things to do. Build your relationship on a firm foundation. You have to nurture your relationship. Shoe gratitude to your mate on a regular basis. Never take your mate for granted. This will ensure that your relationship with grow and flourish.  BRIDE - SITTING IN HER GARDEN

Final Take Home

Unlike in the past, spirituality is not about religiosity. Spirituality is about manifesting peace and harmony in life. It is about showing compassion to others. Spirituality is also about walking in someone else’s shoe. Spirituality is about making a difference in someone’s lie. Furthermore, it is more about showing dignity and respect to every human being regardless of who they are.

Modern spirituality embracing your deepest values and shared meanings. It also embraces compassion, patience, tolerance and personal growth. Spirituality can also help you upgrade your relationship and give it deeper meaning and value.

Thank you for sharing this spiritual healing process with me. If you like this post, feel free to share it with friends and family. You can also send me an email or leave any questions and comments below. I will reply ASAP. With no further ado, stay safe and have a beautiful day.

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