Excess Visceral Fat – Hidden Time Bomb Within

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Obesity and excess weight have reached epidemic proportions. Many people never realize the danger they carry inside their body. Excess visceral fat is a silent killer. As it invades your body, it can cause major damage to every organ. It can even hide within your brain.

Hidden Secrets of Visceral Fat

Be alert! Visceral fat is one of the most dangerous forms of fat. For one thing, you cannot see it. It is a hidden time bomb. Another fact, it spreads throughout the body. Moreover, it causes blood clots and other complications. Unlike subcutaneous fat, visceral fat is not visible from the outside. However, don’t stress, there are things you can do to mitigate the problem of excess visceral fat.

Ubiquity of Overweight People

Even the name sounds scary. As I continue my research, I understand why it has such a bad reputation. For example, while I do my doing errands, I noticed an uncanny trend. There are so many overweight people right in my hometown.

Many of these people are young men and young women. Do they not know they are carrying a ticking time bomb? Like me, they too, can end up in the ER? I don’t want this to happen. Get your visceral fat under control.

Causes of Visceral Fat

By the way, did you know that skinny people can have visceral fat? Oh yes. It has nothing to do with size, per se. It’s more about the foods you are putting into your body. I know all too much about dieting and exercise. How? I’ve been on every diet in the book. You name it, I’ve been on it.

What Fuels the Obesity Crisis?

Consequently, people like me, keep the high-caloric food industry in business. For instance, all processed foods, junk foods and a bunch of fast-food restaurants fuel the fire of the obesity epidemic. Don’t forget to add stress and a sedentary lifestyle in the mix. In the end, it all comes down to two things – either a healthy lifestyle or unhealthy one. The choice is yours. Capital C.

Natural Remedy for Visceral Fat

One way to combat excess weight and obesity is Naturopathy Treatments. First, locate a highly qualified Naturopathic Specialists. These doctors are trained in naturopathic medicine. However, they are not recognized as medical doctors. Their treatments involve: NATUROPATHY - NATURAL REMEDY LADY WITH MEASURING HER WAIST

  1. Nutritional counseling
  2. Dietary supplements
  3. Exercise
  4. Yoga
  5. Stretching
  6. Tai Chi
  7. Self-Massage
  8. Support groups

Intermittent Fasting

One of the best ways to decrease visceral fat is by intermittent fasting. It gained popularity with ubiquitous fitness enthusiasts. In fact, I had amazing results with this method. In order to receive the best results, make sure to stick to a specific schedule that alternates between fasting and eating on a regular basis.

Intermittent Fasting with the Keto Diet

Furthermore, research shows that intermittent fasting is an effective way to manage weight. Plus, it is as an excellent way to eliminate visceral fat. Consequently, it is a constructive way to reverse some forms of disease. Medical experts also recommend combining intermittent fasting with the Keto Diet. Sounds amazing? It is. I know for a fact that the Keto programs have amazing benefits. BODYFOLD INSTRUMENTMESURING FAT -

Subdivisions of Body Fat

Below is a list of a few types of body fat. As time goes on, scientists may discover a few more. So far, we’ve covered a lot of ground. It’s time to dive a little deeper into the realm of body fat. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Brown Fat

Brown fat helps regulate the body’s temperature by insulating your organs. It breaks down blood sugar (glucose) to create heat. Thus, it boosts your metabolism. It also lowers blood sugar. This makes it easier to drop excess body weight. As a result, this reduces dangerous white fat. This cycle is known as thermogenesis. When this happens, you, are “burning calories.”

Brown Fat and Mitochondria

The mitochondria are known as the powerhouse of a cell. They are the “engines” that burn calories. They produce 90 percent of a cell’s energy. Brown fat is densely packed with mitochondria. Therefore, it is able to produce heat on its own. Mitochondria are also involved in helping break down food in the body (help in food digestion). We’ll do another article on Mitochondria in subsequent posts. So, stay tuned.

White Fat

  1. White fat has much fewer mitochondria
  2. Has more fat droplets than brown fat.
  3. Excess white fat causes obesity and metabolic syndrome.
  4. White fat is more plentiful than brown.
  5. Stores energy and produces hormones.
  6. Hormones are secreted into the blood stream.

Belly Fat

  1. Belly fat is unhealthy fat.
  2. Abdominal fat is a bigger health risk than hip or thigh fat.

Thigh and Buttock Fat

  1. While men tend to accumulate fat in their belly
  2. Women accumulate fat in their thighs and buttocks.
  3. This is especially true for pear-shaped women. 

Ectopic Fat

  1. Most body fat is subcutaneous
  2. Below the skin.
  3. Hidden fat is known as visceral body fat
  4. Stored inside the organs.
  5. Excess of adipose tissue
  6. In an unusual position or form on the body.
  7. Accumulates in the liver, heart, pancreas and muscles.
  8. Interfere with cellular functions
  9. Associated with insulin resistance.

Final Take Home

Extra weight can put more pressure on your bones as well as your heart. Carrying around extra, hidden visceral weight is even worse. This hidden fat wraps around the inner organs, wreaking havoc on your entire system. As a result, you become at risk for serious health conditions. The worst-case scenario, you develop coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, dementia, sexual dysfunction, sleep disorders along with obesity.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

You can regain control of your health. How? By adopting a healthier lifestyle. Easy. Peasy. Hold on. I know what you’re thinking. I understand. Life becomes stressful. Junk food is easy to access. So is processed foods. However, answer this question, please. What is more important; gobbling down a mouthful of Twinkies and Tasty Cakes every chance you get or – staying out of the ER due to cardiac arrest? TWINKIES - EXCESSIVE WEIGHT GAIN FROM JUNK FOODS

This is what it boils down to: Life choices. I know, because I have been down this road. You deserve more. You are better than this.

Thank you so much for traveling with me on this body fat awareness journey. This article may not be for everyone. But I know for such, it can help at least one person. Don’t forget to leave your questions and comment below and I will keep you in my prayers. Check out wealthyaffiliate.com. You can learn about their online entrepreneur certification program. You will love it, promise.

Yours truly,

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  2. I agree what you are addressing about visceral fat are risky to your body but there’s a lot of things you avoid such as diet what you eat, exercise, yoga, Tai chi, stretching and self massage and so forth. It is good to educate people but not all.


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