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Excessive Visceral Fat is a major concern for anyone who struggles with weight. It is especially a growing concern for all medical professionals. Once you find out what this condition is all about, you will probably head over to your nearest weight loss clinic. Dealing with the gravity of this topic is no small matter. Come along with me. I need your full attention.

The Massive Prevalence of Obesity

Spoiler Alert! Stop whatever you are doing. It is time for us to have a little chat. My first question is, how are you feeling today? Life has been pretty unpredictable lately. Last thing I heard is that obesity is still major concern. The prevalence of excess visceral fat is still quite high. It hovers around 41%.

Current Consequences of Excess Weight

Obesity Consequences

In fact, there are an estimated 300,000 deaths from obesity in the United States each year. Moreover, there are roughly 8 million deaths per year worldwide. This topic carries an enormous amount of concern. In this article, we are going to get down to the nitty gritty and try to make sense of the gravity of the obesity epidemic. In summary, we need to find answers.

How can We Change the Perception of Obesity

There is no quick fix to the prevalence of obesity, both nationally and worldwide. However, let’s figure out a solution. For example, we need to look at the individual. From there, we need to check out the environment. Sometimes we forget that none of us live in a perfect world. Finally, we begin to put all the pieces together. To every problem, there is a solution.

What are the Patterns of Obesity?

No one becomes overweight overnight. Something has to happen first. If you observe the everyday habits of people, you see certain patterns. Some people raid refrigerators late at night. In addition, many lack motivation. This combination is a recipe for disaster. Eating late at night is a definite red flag. Therefore, come on in. We need to dig a little deeper.

The Science Behind Food Cravings

The brain is a complex organ. It consists of various parts. For example, there are three regions that are responsible for memory, and sensory pleasure. This same area is also responsible for food cravings. Another three regions are the hippocampus, insula, and the causate. During food cravings, these areas are activated. Next, we will explore craving differences.

Cravings Differentiation

Food Cravings

Cravings are not put in a one-size-fit-all category. They are different for different people. No two people will have the same cravings. In addition, you will learn how cravings of men and women differ.

The different types of cravings include:

Cravings and hormonal imbalance:

  1. Cravings associated with menstrual cycle
  2. When they occur at predictable intervals

Cravings and weight loss:

  1. The harder you workout, the hungrier you feel
  2. Your blood sugar levels can fluctuate
  3. Make sure you are fully hydrated

Cravings and adrenal imbalances:

  1. Your cravings increase under stress
  2. When you feel anxious
  3. Adrenal functions are out of whack.

So, pay close attention to your triggers.

Cravings are not the same as hunger

Cravings are not the same as hunger. We all feel hungry after 3 or 4 hours. This is a normal biological response. Cravings, on the other hand, are when you feel that urge to have a chocolate candy bar. You want it so bad. Then our mouth begins to water. Next, you feel powerless, so you give into the urge. After indulging your taste buds, you feel a sense of guilt and remorse.

Hormonal Imbalances Cause Cravings

Hormonal imbalance or weak digestion can lead to low serotonin levels. This causes blood sugar levels to drop. Serotonin is a ‘feel good’ brain neurotransmitter. As a result, low serotonin sends a signal to the brain requesting a reboot. It is this signal – which is beyond your control – that triggers your cravings for sugar or carbohydrates.

The word “cravings” is not code for lack of willpower. In many cases, cravings are a sign of hormonal issues. In fact, cravings are caused by inadequate nutrition. Another type of craving develops when you try to lose weight. Cravings are extremely diverse.

The Ups and Downs of Cravings

Sugar or simple carbohydrates release a burst of serotonin. Instantly, you feel amazing for a while. However, you eventually crash and return to the low-serotonin state. Consequently, the cycle starts all over again. The worst part is that the more sugar you consume, the more you crave. As a result, you over indulge in too much sugar. Unfortunately, this leads to insulin resistance. At the end of the day, your cravings become a downward spiral.

How to Curb Your Food Cravings Naturally


When you can’t control your food cravings, they will control you. So, pay close attention. Here are ways to curb your cravings naturally. Cravings are addictive so you have to break the connection to them. Remember that carbohydrate cravings is not a behavioral problem. Instead, it is a biological. Thus, it is caused by inadequate nutrition.

Break Your Cycle of Cravings

If your metabolism has been damaged, it will take time to get your system back on track. In the mean time, begin by arming yourself with nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetable. In addition, ask your doctor for vitamin supplements to add to your new health regime. Your health will begin to improve instantly. Incorporate excessive and adequate sleep and

However, cravings are also triggered by metabolic imbalance. For this reason, it is best to connect with a medical professional. They can provide you with the resources and tools you will need going forward. Getting control of your cravings is a lot easier than you think. Never think you have to go it alone.

Final Take Home

Everyone has cravings at some point in time. If not for food, we crave other things. Some people crave money and power. Others crave attention. Make no mistake, no one is exempt from cravings. However, for people struggling with weight issues, cravings can be super detrimental.

Luckily, research has put cravings under the microscope. As a result, people now have the ability to understand and control their relationship with food. How cool is that? So, the next time that crave hits, take a step back. Remember all that you’ve discovered in this article. I wrote it just for you?

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