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Think twice before you wear plus size leggings on your next flight. Always check with the dress code at your airport before you book a flight. American Airlines outlaw leggings and workout clothes, attire with offensive graphics, and even shorts and T-shirts. Stigma is still attached to people who wear regular or plus size leggings.

Plus Size Leggings

An aviation expert warn that leggings are the most dangerous things passengers wear in the case of an emergency. Same thing goes for plus size leggings. The clothes you wear makes a big difference when disaster strikes. Leggings can burn or stick to you if there is a fire. The airline expert advises passengers to “wear cotton clothes or anything made of natural fibers.”

Plus Size Leggings Stretchability

Almost every activewear legging has elastane woven into them (sometimes marketed as Lycra or Spandex). This is because elastane gives plus size leggings their stretchability. It makes them perfect for the gym and provides a flattering fit. It’s good to know what your plus size leggings are made of.


Composition of Athletic Leggings 

Nylon is a breathable, stretchy, and moisture-wicking fabric (synthetic) that is suitable for gym leggings. A typical legging composition has about 22% spandex and 78% nylon. Legging experts claim they’re made of harmless materials.

Are Plus Size Leggings Unhealthy?

Despite all the positives about leggings, there are some precautionary measures to consider. For example, Dr. Joshua Zeichner explains it best. He reminds us that tight-fitting clothes like workout leggings trap sweat and clog pores. Moreover, people that wear tight exercise clothing, like leggings, are more susceptible to ringworm when they sweat. Tight pants increase the risk of infection on the skin and genitals, particularly, fungal infections. Airlines take these health hazards into consideration.

Which Airline Allows Leggings?

Jet Blue

Jet Blue prohibits leggings but says jogging suits are acceptable. But leave the low-cut, skimpy, and revealing attire or halter/tube/midriff tops and sweats of any kind in your luggage. No dirty shoes, and they ask that you please cover up those tattoos. Each airline has its own dress code.

Jet Blue’s Dress Code

Jet Blue’s dress code includes shirts with sleeves and collars, tee-shirts, walking shorts (not shorter than 3” above the knee), nice jeans/denim, dress slacks, skirts, dresses, jogging suits, dress shoes, open-toe shoes, and nice sneakers. Torn attire, ragged, slashed, dirty, frayed, low-cut, skimpy, or revealing attire is not acceptable. Delta on the other hand is more lenient.


Following a 2017 incident, Delta revealed that the bottoms are fully allowed aboard their planes. Flying Delta means comfort. You are allowed to wear leggings. Although, no swimwear, sleepwear or underwear is allowed as outerwear. For corporate positions, the dress code is business casual. Examples of appropriate business casual clothing: Polo or other collared shirts and sweaters. However, Southwest dress code is determined by its employees. YOUG WOMAN WEARING OLIVE COLORED TWO-PIECE LEGGING OUTFIT WITH BLACK RUNNING SHOES


Southwest does not have a customer dress code. But the approval of leggings is subject to the Southwest staff members and the length of its flights.

The Best Clothing to Wear on a Long Flight

Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool are the best material to wear on a flight. It allows your skin to breathe, and it is more hygienic. A thin base-layer of merino wool also helps to maintain an even body temperature. For example, it allows air to circulate around the skin and wicks away moisture. Some airports take professionalism into consideration.

Are Leggings Unprofessional?

In general, business casual attire is clothing that is more relaxed than what you wear to a job interview. However, it still looks professional. Leggings are a part of a business casual outfit, especially with the current trends such as stirrup leggings and split hem leggings. However, you do not wear them with certain outfits.

When Should You Not Wear Leggings?

Fashion stylists suggest that you never wear leggings with a fancy top or party dress. This is an outdated look worn in the 1990s. A shimmering top, a fancy blouse or a baby doll dress do not go well with a stretchy, tight pair of leggings. Be selective of what to wear when flying.

What Do You Wear While Flying

Leggings in Dubai

Yes, you can wear leggings in Dubai, but ideally not as your only pants. Leggings cover your legs, especially under short dresses or shorts. If you only wear leggings, it’s best to wear a very long blouse on top. Compression leggings are another option.

Compression Leggings

Compression leggings are excellent travel accessories.  Wear them on long flights. Wear compression socks are also helpful to wear when traveling, during workouts at home. Compression reduces muscle and joint soreness. Another option is yoga pants.

Yoga Pants

As a passenger, you can wear pretty much anything that is acceptable. However, it may vary based on the part of world you are traveling in. But, in the United States, leggings/plus size leggings and yoga pants are worn by many passengers. They are a way of life. WOMAN WEARING BLACK LEGGING. WHITE TOP, GREY BULKY SWEATER IN HER BARE FEET

Leggings are a Way of Life

According to Isabelle Alix, the founder of the leather-legging brand, Offtrack, New York women and celebrity clients wear their leggings almost every day. She firmly believes that people who say leggings are inappropriate are stuck in the past. Isabelle will never change her perceptions about leggings.

Isabelle’s stands by her argument that times have changed, and we must embrace those changes and get with the program. According to her, leggings are here to stay. Leggings are a fashion statement because of their versatility. They come in handy because:

  • We travel and have busy lives.
  • There is no time to be uncomfortable.
  • Avoid the burden of complicated clothes.
  • Women now dress for speed and comfort.
  • They need clothes they can adapt to their lifestyle (not the other way around).
  • We are mothers, lovers, advocates, and businesswoman.

The Shift in Mentality

Leggings are a perfect example of a shift in feminine mentality. Women want to feel effortless, comfortable, and less restricted. They want to be able to move freely as they go about their day. Females want a legging that molds their body, without the feeling of constriction.

Final Thoughts

In the sphere of public debate, leggings and plus size leggings are the symbol of lower standards, immodesty, and the slogan The Problem with Young People Today. On the other hand, leggings are the symbol of freedom, feminism, and even the future. School districts tried to ban them, and airlines maintain confusing policies on them. The good news is that they are still going strong. Remember leggings are a way of life.

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  1. I fly quite often and I had never heard of these airline dress codes.  My wife and I travel together.  She has never been approached about the leggings she wears.  She wears track pants or legs with a fairly long shirt for comfort.  When I look around today, most of the women I see are wearing leggings either by themselves in combination with some kind of top.  In very hot weather, when flying in California, I have worn a kind of track short that I am short is 3 inches about the knee.  I have also worn tank tops on flights.  It seems to me that this is a discriminatory dress code or staff on the the flights I have been on have just ignored the code.  Thanks for this article.  I hope this changes.

    • Anastazja,

      I am so glad that you brought up the fact that you and your wife have never had any issue with dress codes on your flights. I, too, am very surprised of the restrictions on some airlines. Wearing leggings seems to be in style nowadays and I, clearly understand the convenience of wearing them, especially during travel. I guess the dress codes all boils down to each individual airline.

      Thanks for your insightful feedback.



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