Even though we have plus size models schlepping down the runway, there are others who experience body shaming as a full-figure fashion item. These experiences equate to plus size and confidence, body shaming, social discrimination, and overcoming fear.

Plus Size and Confidence

If you are overweight and love fashion styles, you probably can relate to all the above. You know what curvy, full-figures have to go through. Being larger than life is no joke. Sometimes, you want to give up or throw in the towel. Being plus size and confidence nothing to take lightly. It takes a lot of work. PLUS SIZE MODEL - BLACK AND WHITE, HORIZONTAL SLEEVELESS, LOW-CUT, BLACK  AND WHITE HORIZONTAL STRIPES SKIRTAND BLACK SKIRT

Plus Size and Tolerance

As much as it’s important to understand self-validation and body positivity, you must realize that not everyone is going to accept your shape and size. Tolerance does not come easy to skeptical nitwits. In fact, if it doesn’t get drilled into our consciousness early on, it probably will never stick. Tolerance for body size and weight does not come overnight.

Plus Size and Weight Stigma

Plus Size is not new, neither is weight stigma. However, it is not OK to stigmatize anyone in this category. After all, more than 40% of U.S. adults, report experiencing weight stigma at some point in their life (International Journal of Obesity, Vol. 45, 2021).

Social Support Can Stigmatize

The unique thing about weight stigma: The people who are closest to you and should be your sources of social support are often the ones who are most stigmatizing. I can vouch for this truth one hundred percent. I was ridiculed by my older sister who called me a blimp. Body shaming may come from your own family.

Overcoming Body Shaming

Overcoming body shaming is a constant work in progress. It requires unpacking and unlearning toxic, ingrained beauty standards that live deep within us. The growth of the body positivity movement helps many plus size people rebuild their lives without body shaming and outside pressures.

Rather than blaming and shaming people for their larger body size, why not try to support and empowerment them instead, regardless of their body size. This is a form of social discrimination that will not be tolerated. PLUS SIZE YPUNG GIRL - WEARING SHORT SLEEVE BLACK TOP AND TRENDY BLUE JEANS AND A BROWN HAT

Social Discrimination

Not everyone finds people with excessive weight attractive. In an ideal world, everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the oversized population. Full-figured individuals find it hard to fit into social groups, online dating sites, professional settings and in the workplace.

Social discrimination is devastating for anyone’s mental health. This is a form of fatphobia. Although it is legal to discriminate against people because of their weight, there is only a handful of states that ban weight-based discrimination in the workplace. As a result, plus-sizers are less likely to be hired and promoted than their thinner counterparts (Journal of Vocational Behavior, Vol.74., 2009). These individuals need to develop self-empowerment, self-confidence, and body positivity.

Body Positivity

Promoting body positivity and educating society on its treatment of oversized groups is quintessential. Even plus size runway models experience mistreatment in the fashion industry. Lauren Chan, an advocate for body awareness and body positivity, is a reporter and model. She took on the fashion industry after she received negative feedback from them. Looks it paid off.

The fashion industry claim she wore clothing that was too revealing. She is still moving forward with her modeling career and is However, is an Instagram super star. Lauren shines a spotlight on body size inclusivity on the runway as she continues breaks all the rules. She breaks out in arrogant prints, sleeveless styles, all fashions that accent and elongate her plus size-14 body.


It is important to know how to work your proportion styles. The trick is to find the style most fitting from your body types. When you look good you feel good. Your body type is unique to you and allows you to maximize your own individual fashion style. However, depending on your height, certain clothes can elongate your body.

Exposed necklines such as a V-neck or scoop neck will elongate a fashion style or torso. A great way to camouflage a short torso is to wear your shirts untucked, allowing the top to drape past the waistband. Make sure to select pieces that are medium to long in length to keep your torso (trunk-core) looking long. Use your creativity to dress your body.

Why is Dressing Your Body Shape Important?

Dressing in accordance to your body shape is quintessential. For starters, it plays up your assets and downplays the areas of your body that you prefer not to highlight.

To Make a Good Impression in the Workplace

Your appearance is the first thing others notice about you. Dressing professionally helps form a positive impression to people you meet in the workplace. This is especially important for interviews and when meeting upper-level managers who make hiring and promotion decisions.

Match Your Body Shape and Body Type

The main thing to remember in terms of what to wear, find clothing that matches your body shape and body type. This brings out your best features. Making the right style choices makes you feel more confident. For example, if you have an hourglass shape, then wearing a cropped top that ends at your waist, paired with a high-waisted fitted skirt will accent your curves.

Shop Smarter and Dress Faster

When you know your body shape, it helps you shop smarter, get dressed easier, and look more stylish and polished. This, in and of itself, boosts your confidence in your style. One way to maximize your fashion style to look taller or thinner is to pick the right clothes. Bra support is another way to improve your style.

Wear Bras that Lift and Support

Finding the most comfortable bra can be challenging, daunting tasks. Select one that’s comfy and gives your twin peaks a supportive lift. No worries, there are plenty bra brands and styles to choose from. Let’s fill your cup. Full cup bras are the best bras for lift, as they are great for bigger or unsupported boobs. They make your breasts look perkier and feel comfy at the same time. Also, explore the reasons why your breasts are sagging. BRUNETTE MODEL - WEARS PINK BRA, WHITE TOP, GRAY SLACKS

Why Breasts Sag

One reason your breasts sag is due to the loss of skin elasticity and pull of gravity. However, there are other factors to consider, including your genes. According to Dr. Ryan Neinstein, M.D., a plastic surgeon in New York, ” the strength and integrity of your breast tissue are primarily coded in your DNA, which comes from your parents. Others things that impact your breast perkiness include:

Whatever the cause, a good bra gives you the support you need. One of my favorite bras is the Maidenform Plus Size Magic Lift Wireless Bra. You can buy them at Amazon, Nordstrom or JCPenney’s. This bra lift’s, separates and supports the breasts. It comes in sizes 36B to 56J in 12 different colors. While at it, give your wardrobe a boost – a flashy print or a splash of color.

Give Your Wardrobe a Boost

How do you feel when you open your closet and look at your wardrobe? What are your feelings? Does your wardrobe need an upgrade? If it does, here are a few ideas to consider. When you open your closet what do you see? It should be an exhilarating experience, not a frustrating one. Do you need to check out a high fashion magazine such as Vogue, The New Yorker, Elle, Cosmopolitan, or Vanity Fair to see what’s latest fashions you can emulate. Just don’t break the bank.

Donate Unused, Boxy Clothes

Start by donating clothes you never wear, get rid of the boxy, unstylish, outdated items and start adding new, exciting pieces. Make sure these pieces spark your joy and put a smile on your face. Add a wide belt to accent your waist, tunics that flow, stylish jumpsuits, a designer denim jacket, your favorite cardigan, and add killer accessories. Now make a fashion statement. Your fashion style packs a punch.

Final Thoughts

Weight stigma, body shaming, and social discrimination does not define who we are. Whether we are overweight, obese, full-figured or plus-sized, we can be high fashion models, Instagram influencers and can land a corporate, high-salary job. You and I can look good in our clothes and stand out as productive, contributors to society. Life is about body positivity, standing in your truth, and fulfilling your purpose and mission on earth. Be proud and thankful of you body shape and size and know your self-worth.

Thank You

Thank you for sharing this weight-stigma journey and I hope you will implement some of these ideas into your fashion and lifestyle. Keep your body positivity intact. Commit to doing self-care – making healthy food choices, get moderate amounts of exercise, adequate sleep, drink lots of water and keep stress levels at bay. Good hygiene, good grooming and ramping up your wardrobe is key. Let me know how this article resonates with you or someone you know and share this post with a friend or family member. Your comments and feedback is much appreciated, so I look forward to hearing from you.

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