Plus Size and Mindful Eating Practices – Scaling Up Your Health

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A thin or fit appearance symbolizes important values in our culture, like hard work and discipline. Therefore, if a person is not thin, they are perceived to “lack self-discipline and have poor willpower” (Dr. Lucia). More and more plus size people are living healthier lifestyles. Some are making a wholehearted transformation. Plus size and mindful eating practices
have become mainstream.

Plus Size and Mindful Eating Practices

The turning point for 21-year-old Nikita Gajjar, an international exchange student was when she couldn’t fit in Western clothes. She realized that her weight was not only taking a toll on her health, but it was also messing with her self-confidence. Nikita decided to try plus size and mindful eating practices. It was transforming experience for her. PLUS SIZE WWOMAN - SITTING INDIAN STYLE DOING YOGA MEDITATION IN BROWN EXERCISE STRETCH SUIT

A Plus Size Transformative Journey

Nikita made up her mind to transition to a mindful eating plan. When she began her weight loss journey, she was a 5’6” and 96 kilograms (kgs). This is approximately 212 pounds. In less than a year, she shed a whopping 39 kgs (over 85 pounds). Part of her concern was that she suffered with ligament problems. As a result, her doctor, politely asked her to lose weight to prevent future knee injuries.

Nikita Goes from Plus Size XXL to XS

Here is what Nikita ate within a day. She customized her daily intake to suit her likings. However, if you have a chance, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor about your weight loss goals. Often times, they will refer you to a nutritionist. Nutritionists have invaluable resources available, and this makes your transformation easier. They always encourage a mindful eating lifestyle and physical activities.  Comfortable workout clothing and shoes are key. Let’s dive into Nikita’s world.

Mindful Breakfast

Nikita starts her day with apple cider vinegar with a dash of lemon. After an hour, she eats oats, a portion of fruits, eggs and I cup of milk. She also includes dry fruits in her breakfast.

Mindful Lunch

She has some rice, cottage cheese and a big bowl of soup or a dal (she is from India) for lunch.

Mindful Dinner

She likes to eat sprouts, eggs, and cottage cheese (paneer) depending on her protein requirement. BLACK COFFE - BEFORE A WORKOUT


A cup of black coffee and a banana.


Protein shake

Plus Size Mindful Cravings

Nikita has whatever she is craving for, however, this is where you need common sense and a bit of control. She makes it a point to control her portions. She admits, most of the time she craves ice cream or anything sweet (there are plenty of delicious substitutes). Chia pudding, Greek yogurt with fruit, etc. She has to be extremely mindful when she has cravings.

Plus Size Mindful Workout

Nikita starts her physical activity with walking and jogging. After that, she joins a fitness center and works out regularly. Her workout routine includes weight training and high-intensity workout (HIIT). She can work-out with vim and vigor in her new matching workout outfit.

Invest in Mindful Low-Calorie Recipes

She is mindful of what she eats and vows to eat lots of green salad or any type of fruit.

Mindful Fitness Secrets Unveiled

She eats lots of salad and drinks two glasses of water before her meals. Also, she tracks her macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat, and protein) and calorie intake.

How to Stay Mindful and Motivated

Nikita reminds us that there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your clothing size go down from XXL to XS. This, in and of itself, is enough to keep her mindfully motivated. In addition, she makes it a point to follow bloggers and fitness enthusiasts to stay focused and motivated. She refuses to regain weight.

How to Ensure You Don’t Lose Focus

The quote “work insane or remain the same” is the moto of Nikita’s life. She takes photos of her body after every workout session. This is what keeps her focused and motivated. She embraces her hurdles. HURDLES - METAPHOR FOR CHALLENGES LIKE IN A OLYMPIC SPORT GIRL WEARING A SLEEVELESS, CROPPED TOP WITH #120 ON ITIS JUMPING OVER HURDLE.

Some of the Hurdles to Face

Nikita was really upset when she was unable to wear some of her favorite clothes due to her weight. She said she also looked older than others when she carried the extra weight. Her weight management is her top priority.

Nikita’s Mindful Future Projections

Her long-term goal is to remain fit and healthy in the next 5 years and the next 10 years. Her lifestyle has permanently changed.

Lifestyle Changes for Nikita?

There was two changes Nikita followed very strictly:

  1. 1. Always eat on time
  2. 2. Always watch portion size

Nikita’s Lowest Point?

Thankfully, she did not hit a low during her quest to take off pounds. She kept her goal in mind and continued working towards it. Nikita kept her eyes on the prize (to wear nice clothes and lose weight). Nikita is grateful of the lessons she has learned about transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

Greatest Mindful Lessons Learned

Nikita realized that mindful eating is an extremely important step in her weight loss journey. No one can stop you if you have a strong mindset, she explained (TOI News) She believes there are successful steps involved in the weight loss process.

Three Steps for Plus Size Weight Loss

According to Dr. Roy Baumeister, Professor of Psychology (Florida State University), there are three steps to a successful weight loss program: 1) setting measurable goals, 2) making them realistic, and 3) having the willpower to follow through your plans. However, the key is to set expectations.

The Key is to Set Reasonable Expectations

To gain maximum benefits, make sure to set your reasonable expectations. Avoid the temptation to set your goals too high. If you transition from a sedentary lifestyle and want to wear a size five dress in six months, after wearing a size 22, you will disappoint yourself. Looking too far ahead brings you unnecessary stress.WILLPOWER - MAN WEARING BLUE SHIRT SEATED ON A ROCK WITH ONE FIST IN THE AIR RAISED TO THE SKY

Weight Loss Takes Mindful Willpower

As you can guess, weight loss is not a minor run-of-the-mill thing. It, in essence, is a major task. As a recovering, hard core food addict, I can tell you, weight loss takes plan, courage, and a lot of mindful will power. Here is checklist of things to consider:

You Can Be Fat and Fit

Just because significant studies show that obesity makes a person more susceptible to heart disease, sleep apnea, diabetes, and the medical issues, that doesn’t mean a heavier person carries additional health issues. Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible for individuals to be fat and fit.

It all depends on a person’s age, caloric consumption, how their body metabolism, and activity level. Take Lizzo, for example, she is relatively healthy for her size and weight. In fact, she recently became a vegan. However, there must be some type of physical activity.

No One is Exempt from Physical Activity

According to a new study in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology, ‘one cannot be fat and healthy.’ Professor Alejandra Lucia’s findings refute the notion that a physically active lifestyle negates the unhealthy effects of overweight and obesity. For many full-sized people this does not resonate. Newer studies are in the making.

Dr. Lucia firmly stands by her beliefs, irrespective of body weight, that no one is exempt from physical activity. The operating word is activity. The medical communities report that sitting is just as damaging as smoking, diabetes, or heart disease to the body. Mindfulness, mindset, connection, and commitment is key.

Mindset Makes a Difference

Before anything else, take time to write out your upcoming plans to transition to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Start with your short-term goals. Then deal with your long-term goals. Be realistic, and make sure that you can measure your progress. Also, vital connections are so essential.

Benefits of Social Connections

Consider including family, friends, a coach, and your community as you embark on your weight loss journey. You don’t have to go it alone. Sharing your plans of weight loss is an effective way to make sure you remain committed to the task. SOCIAL CONNECTIONS - FAMILY SNUGGLING TOGETHER AT THE BEACH LOOKING AT THE OCEAN ALL WEARING SLACKS WITH BACKS TO THE CAMERA

Social Connections Improve Overall Well-Being

According to research, having supportive friends or family during your transition is key in terms of long-term weight-loss success. Building relationships improve overall physical and mental well-being.

The benefits of social connections include lower rates of anxiety and depression, higher self-esteem, greater empathy, and more trusting and cooperative relationships. In addition, having good relationships improves mood and sense of purpose.

Final Thoughts

To make a successful, transition to a healthier lifestyle takes courage a significant amount of planning. To secure a successful plan, start by setting up your short and long-term goals. You also need a focused mindset to incorporate healthy food choices and regular exercise. The benefits of social connections outweigh the risks.

Thank You

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