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  • Brand: DreamCloud
  • Size: Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, California King
  • Fill Material: Innerspring for touch of bounce. Soft & Airy Soft Layer mattress  of quilted cooling Tencel. Backed with  innersprings individually wrapped coils to reinforce support.
  • Top Style: Gel Top
  • Color: White
  • Item Weight: 85 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 80”L x 60”W x 14”H
  • Item Firmness: Medium
  • Item Model Number: DCQUEEN
  • Construction Type: Hybrid. Uses innovative sleep science to help guide Dream Cloud’s construction.
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Warranty and Support: Applies to the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Contact the manufacturer if you have any questions. Also, you have a 30-day right of return.
  • Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 Stars. 4 out of 5 customers said “ DreamCloud mattress is soft, comfortable, supportive, and luxurious.” “DreamCloud mattress helped a lot with back pain.”
  • Best Sellers Rank: #92 in Mattresses
  • Date First Available: February 24, 2021
  • Product Description: Innerspring coils give you the best sleep of your life. Get the quality sleep you deserve.
  • Payment Plans: Yes. On Amazon
  • Rating: 9.9 Stars
  • Recommendation: 9.9 Stars


The truth is everybody needs to make sure they are getting enough sleep (aka ZZs). No one is exempt. Did you know that lack of sleep causes brain fog, anxiety, and is even linked to chronic diseases. In fact, when you don’t get the required amount of sleep, you actually sabotage your weight loss goals. So, my question is how does lack of sleep cause weight gain?

 Weight Gain

How Does Lack of Sleep Cause Weight Gain?

In this review you will learn about the correlation between sleep and weight gain, sleep insomnia, and sleep apnea and most importantly learn where to find the best mattress if you are sleepless in Seattle and happened to be endowed with a few extra pounds. At the end of the day, you will have the answer to your question – How does lack of sleep cause weight Gain? Let’s start this journey in search of the underlying causes for the lack of sleep.


In my humble opinion, there is nothing as satisfying as a good night’s sleep. You wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. This really begs the question why are so many people suffering with the “sleepless in Seattle syndrome?” Houston, I think we have a problem. What’s even worse is the SISS group is also overweight. Could there be a correlation between the two?

A good night’s sleep is essential for your overall well-being, and the mattress plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal rest and rejuvenation. Ta da! The Dream Cloud Mattress has arrived on scene. It is a revolutionary sleep solution designed to take your comfort to the next level. Let’s deconstruct the Dream Cloud to see what it’s all about, starting with its pros and cons.

Best  Weight Gain


The Dream Cloud is designed with your comfort in mind. It is very stylish, sturdy and built to give you years of delight. It is a relief for people who suffer from back pain. It is the perfect choice for anyone seeking the ultimate sleep experience. One of its high points is its sleep quality. In addition, this mattress is:

  • Affordable
  • Has a 30-day return policy
  • Manufacturer’s warranty option to contact the manufacturer in person or by email


Dream Cloud may feel too firm in the beginning. It is also a heavy mattress that will need two people to set it up. Also, be careful when unboxing it. It tends to unfold and fluff up quickly. The King size Dream Cloud does not come with a pillow top.

Who is This Product for?

If you are in need of a cooler mattress that can provide you with comfort and support of your back, you are on the right page at the right time. Why wake up sweaty and restless when you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Sleep deprivation eventually takes its toll on your body.

Who is this Product Not For

On the other hand, if you dislike the feeling of a firm mattress and wake up shivering, the Dream Cloud is not for you. If you are a lighter weight these mattresses may feel too firm and uncomfortable for some. So, it all depends on your personal preference. Light- weight with feel the firm intensity more than heavier people.

 Weight Gain tips

Special Features:

The Dream Cloud has a year-long trial period. It also  features a unique blend of Premium Memory Foam and cooling gel-infused foam, providing exceptional pressure relief and temperature regulation for a blissful slumber. This mattress ensure minimum disturbance, making it an ideal choice for couple’s and restless sleepers.  Additional features are as follows:

  • Breathable Coils
  • Cashmere Blend Euro Top
  • Hybrid mattress Memory Foam.
  • Five layers of comfort.

DreamCloud’s foams meet CertPUR -US standard for content, emissions, and durability. Analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

Enhanced Support for Your Body’s Needs

Your body deserves the utmost support during sleep, and the dream Cloud Mattress (DCM0 delivers the goods. Its innovative design incorporates a responsive layer of individually wrapped coils, precisely engineered to contour to your body’s unique shape and provide optimal spinal support and alignment.

Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, this mattress adapts to your body, offering personalized support that helps alleviate aches and pains.

My Personal Experience with Lack of Sleep

I am all for a Dream Cloud. For many years I suffered from a lack of sleep. In 20-20 hindsight, during this time, I was also very overweight. However, I never really knew that lack of sleep and weight gain was correlated. This was the time in my life where I was bouncing from one diet to the next, consuming an exorbitant amount of high caloric, low nutritional foods and drinks.

My First Pillow-Top Mattress

After a few trips to the ER for high blood pressure and anxiety attacks. To add insult to injury, I was working the night shifts, drinking pots of coffee, and was trying to take care of my household as a single mom. Life was not easy. However, it was my pillow-top bed that I purchased at a furniture outlet that saved my life.  A comfortable, supportive mattress comes in handy, especially if you have a bad back.  Factor in carrying excessive body weight.

Comparison Chart for Queen 14 Inches to 7 Inches

Dream Cloud is a Game Changer

I know from experience how hard it is to lose weight. It takes way more than willpower. Without a soft, supportive mattress to resort to, that adds to the frustration. Never try to weather your life stressors alone. Nowadays there are many more options to choose from. Gel Memory Foam, hybrid mattresses such as Dream Cloud are taking the world by storm.

Dream Cloud Trifecta

Dream Cloud is the trifecta of mattresses with their model: dynamic comfort, affordable price, and high-quality construction. These beauties come in Twin. Tim xl, Double, Queen, King, and California King sizes Buyer’s Guide). These mattresses are designed for side , back, stomach sleepers and everything in between. They also can hold 300 + pounds easily.

Unmatched Durability and Longevity

Investing in a high-quality mattress is a long-term commitment, and the Dream Cloud  Mattress excels in this aspect. It is constructed using durable, high-density foam and premium coil systems, ensuring long-lasting performance that withstands years of use. It is the Gold Standard of Mattresses hands down. Offers superior comfort.

Comfort is King

This is why it is so important to have a comfortable bed to sleep in. This is the other piece of the puzzle. A mattress that is uncomfortable not only poses a problem to your back, it misaligns your whole system overtime. So, pay close attention to what your body is telling you and be proactive. Get a Dream Cloud mattress. It will make dreams come true. It will decrease your back pain.

Decrease Your Lumbar Pain

As an individual who has struggled with severe back pain and excessive weight for many years, I can honestly tell you that your mattress is the lynchpin that will set your back pain free. It may not cure the pain altogether. However, it will decrease your discomfort 100%. The new hybrid, gel memory foam mattresses are superior to the older mattresses because the of the coolness and comfort they provide. Coils add a layer of support so they can handle heavier weights. Hybrid & Gel Foams are here to stay.

Hybrid & Gel Foam Memory Mattresses

Hybrid and gel memory foam are the best of both worlds. Hybrids provide the best of memory foam and inner spring mattresses whether you are 130 pounds or 330 pounds; this is your ticket to sweet dream land. The gel memory foam absorbs and disperses body heat while relieving pressure points. So, what are you waiting for. If you lack sleep and are gaining weight, it’s time to take inventory of your life. Both sleep and weight are things you can control. So, what are you waiting for. Get your DreamCloud today! It does not disappoint.

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