Features and Benefits – A Buyer’s Guide to Shopping

Many of you have already done a few product reviews, and you will definitely be using the terms benefits and features. I know you have probably also read Diane’s posts on this topic. Typically, all Products and Services have both features and benefits. A feature is an essential function or component of a good or service. They are the characteristics of a product. An advantage is how the feature helps your customers (aka your audience). In contrast, a benefit refers to how a product’s feature could make a consumer’s life easier or more enjoyable.


When evaluating a product, it’s important to distinguish between its features and benefits. Features are the components that set a product apart from its competitors. Consider the example of a smartphone with a multi-lens camera system and facial recognition technology. These are features that showcase the phone’s technical aspects.


Benefits, on the other hand, are the positive outcomes and improvements that users gain from a product’s features. The benefits show how a product positively impacts one’s life. Going back to the smartphone example, the benefit of the advanced camera system is the ability to capture stunning, high-resolution photos effortlessly and facial recognition.


In marketing, however, benefits trump over features. Benefits resonate with consumers on a more personal level, addressing their needs and desires directly. Instead of just listing technical specifications, advertisements now focus on showcasing how a product can enrich daily experiences.


The powerful motor on a new vacuum cleaner is a top feature that buyers look for. So, the benefit is the fact that it can efficiently clean your home and simultaneously save you buckets of time and effort. The best of both worlds.

Merchants often highlight certain features that promise to improve a buyer’s quality of life. For instance, a vehicle’s advanced safety features might be described in terms of the peace of mind they bring to families on the road. Therefore, features can make or break a sale.


Balancing features and benefits ensures a holistic perspective in advertising. Features provide the backbone, showcasing a product’s capabilities, while benefits breathe life into these capabilities, showing users how the product can enrich their lives. In essence, features are what a product can do, and benefits are why you’d want it.


What are features and benefits?

Features are the special things a product or service has, while benefits are the good stuff that happens when you use those features.

How are features and benefits different?

Features are like the impact-resistance frames of a new pair of glasses and the Benefits of dropping or handling them without the fear of breaking them. Features show what’s inside, and benefits show how it can make our lives better

An example of features and benefits?

Think about a bike. A feature could be that it has a bell and a basket. The benefit is that you can ring the bell to let people know you’re coming and use the basket to carry your stuff.

Why do benefits matter?

Benefits help us understand why something is awesome. They tell us how it can make our lives better, easier, or more exciting.

How do I find out what the features are?

Features are like the parts list. Look for things like buttons, sizes, colors, and what it’s made of.

How can I figure out the benefits?

To find benefits, think about how the features help you. Ask yourself, “What can this do for me? How can it make my life cooler?”

Do benefits mean the same for everyone?

Nope! What’s awesome for you might not be the same for your friend. Benefits depend on what each person likes and needs.

Why do companies talk about features and benefits when they sell stuff?

Companies want us to know why their things are cool. They show off the parts (features) and explain how those parts can make us happy (benefits).

Can I use features and benefits for anything else besides toys and things?

Absolutely! You can use them for gadgets, clothes, games, and even services like streaming shows.

Should I think about both features and benefits before getting something?

Yes, it’s smart to know what you’re getting (features) and how it can make your life better (benefits). It’s like knowing both the recipe and how yummy the dish will be.

How can I explain features and benefits to my friends?

Start by saying what the thing has (features), then talk about what’s cool about those things and how they can enjoy them (benefits).

Can benefits change over time?

Yes, as you grow and change, what’s cool or helpful might also change. What’s awesome now might be different later

Is it better to talk about features or benefits?

Benefits are usually more exciting to people because they show how something can make them happy. Features are important, but benefits catch attention.

What if I’m not sure about the benefits of something?

Imagine yourself using it. What would make you smile? Also, ask others or look for reviews to get more ideas.

Can benefits be about feelings, not just practical stuff?

Totally! Benefits can be about making you feel excited, safe, or happy. Like a cozy jacket doesn’t just keep you warm, it makes you feel snug.

Remember, knowing about both features and benefits helps you pick things that you’ll really enjoy and find super useful!

Buyer's Guide to Shopping

Rachele, Founder and CEO

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  1. Hi Rachel,
    I really enjoyed reading your article. It added much needed perspective. I’ve been dealing with a spiritual, personal, professional and business dilemma for the past 15 years. It’s been an interesting journey of self discovery to say the least.

    As I continue to grow my my global ministry, I am led by Love in everything that I put out into the world. I’ve learned from experience that Love is the best benefit and feature that I can offer. I put it out there, as an open book for everyone to see.

    Even if what we create and out out into the world doesn’t reach everybody; as long as I’ve reached one special person, then that’s all that matters. Glory to God.

    Maurice A. Petty
    Founder/ CEO
    West Coast Rise Magazine
    West Coast Rise Ministries

    • Hi there, Maurice,

      I really enjoyed reading about your amazing journey of self-discovery. You definitely have all of qualities it takes to make a difference in the world. I also feel confident that your global ministry is going to be a blessing for so many people. I commend you for all the work that your ministry is doing. As you continue to lead by love in everything you do, you will reap the benefits in harvest season.

      God bless.



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