Genetic Cause of Obesity – How We Turn Genes on and Off

As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you We often talk about genetics as if it’s set in stone. For example, we use “you must have good genes” or “you are born with good looks” as common phrases. However, over the past decade, biochemists and geneticists discovered that … Read more

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle – A Power 9 Transition

Move Your Body Naturally Convenience is a no-no. Technology has made life way too easy. Nowadays, there is a remote for the remote. Luckily, the Blue Zone Lifestyle is not dictated my any type of remote control. Therefore, remotes are off limit in the zone. Making life a little tougher and less convenient can add … Read more

10 Secret Principles of Longevity – Blue Zone Blueprints of Life

Living to be 100 without aches and pain is all about the 10 secret principles of longevity. It takes very little effort and any one can do it. Moreover, there are no diet plans or strenuous exercises. A you have to do is be conscious of what foods and drinks you are putting into your … Read more

Resource Library – National Geographic

Articles Buettner, Dan. “The Secrets of Living Longer.” National Geographic (November2005). 2-27. Butler, Robert N. “The Inequality of Longevity: Life Expectancy gap widens between industrialized world and developing nations.” Geriatrics (December 1999). “Can We Live to 150?” Popular Science (November 1993), 77-82 Christakis, N. A., and J.H. Fowler. “The Spread of Obesity in a Large … Read more