Best Stress Hardiness – Pathway to Optimal Health

Best Stress Hardiness – Pathway to Optimal Health

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Self- Care is so Vitally Important.

Self-Care improves the quality of your life. According to definition, Self-Care is:

1. The practice of making sure that YOU are protecting your own well-being and happiness. 2. Caring for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being; particularly during periods of stress.

There are a million and one things to do for self-care. Make sure you put your Self Care First. Here’s a mini survey to see how you fare in terms of self-care

Best Stress Hardiness

Score 11-15: You’re doing a great job with your Self-Care > (A++ Dean’s List)

Score 8-10: You are in progress of doing a terrific job in Self Care. (B+)

Score 5-7: You are not doing enough self care. (C+)

Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

Are you ready to take the Self Care Test? Here we go

  1. Sky dive
  2. Poker Game
  3. Camping
  4. Fishing
  5. Skiing
  6. Rollerskating
  7. Create a vision board
  8. Paint, ceramic, sculpture. Create
  9. Listen to music of choice
  10. Drive-in theater
  11. See a play or concert
  12. Attend Opera performance
  13. Amusement Park
  14. Travel out of country
  15. Day trip or cross-country drive
  16. Called a loved one
  17. Wrote 3 things you are grateful for – Journalist
  18. Soaked in bubble bath
  19. Made funny YouTube clip
  20. Walked barefoot on beach, at a park
  21. Hiking
  22. Went dancing
  23. Candlelight dinner
  24. Invited friends for dinner
  25. Had a full body, foot massage
  26. Went to favorite restaurant
  27. Girls night out
  28. Boys night out
  29. Had a facial
  30. Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi class
  31. Chose healthy foods to eat
  32. Got 8 hours sleep
  33. Drank 8 glasses of water today
  34. Joined a fitness club
  35. Got on your treadmill
  36. Create a vision board
  37. Cook an exotic meal for someone you love
  38. Go salsa dancing
  39. Visit another country
  40. Kiss your favorite celebrity
  41. Bonus have a million dollar online business

How did You Score? My score is 6.5

Here’s a Few Reasons why Self Care is so Quintessential:

  1. You can smile negative feelings away
  2. Practice the art of gratitude
  3. Learn something new everyday
  4. Stay active
  5. Get enough quality sleep
  6. Organize your house, mind, environment
  7. Avoid stress at all costs

Best Stress Hardiness

Best Stress hardiness is an avoidance of stress. It is a positive response to stressful situations. Also, it is the ability to minimize the negative effects. The good news is that you can become best stress hardy at any stage of life. Therefore, you can reverse the onset of stress. These people can adjust to stress on a dime. They respond to stress in a better way. Best Stress hardiness is also a form of Self Care guys. These individuals have the 4Cs mentality: We Can Too


  1. Strong sense of control over events in their life
  2. Can overcome their experience.


  1. Highly committed and involved in the tasks
  2. Strong sense of purpose


  1. View life events as challenges
  2. Change is an opportunity for development.


  1. Ability to connect with family members
  2. Connect with the community to plow through the adversity.

Final Take Home

Keep your mind and body in harmony. This is quintessential to optimizing your overall health. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that Self-Care Matters.

Love Always,

Rachele with one L

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