Five Benefits of Corporate Massage – Making A Better Workplace Review

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  1. Material: PU Leather, Aluminum
  2. Overall Dimensions: 23″ (L) x 18″ (W) x 42″ (H)
  3. Head Support (Adjustable): From 37″ to 46″
  4. Armrest (Adjustable): 26″. 27″. 28″. 29.5″
  5. Seat (Adjustable): 19″. 20″. 21″, 22″. 23″.
  6. Press Weight Capacity: 660 lbs.
  7. Chair Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
  8. Weight: 23 lbs.
  9. Rating Score: 9.5 Stars out of 10 Stars

Product Review: May 8, 2022

Unlike in the past, stress on the job is taken very seriously. Employees go beyond the call of duty. They do everything in their power to keep their workspace safe and injury free. In fact, statistics show that there are a 30% reduction in worker’s compensation with massagers (Ceridian Report). The five benefits of corporate massage are paying off.

What is Corporate Massage?

A corporate massage is a massage given at your place of employment. A licensed massage therapist starts each session. The sessions run for 15-20 minutes throughout the workday. Usually, your employer owns the massage chairs. However, therapists bring their own on occasion. There are five benefits of corporate massage. Let’s take a look at them.
Being fully dressed during a massage has many positive connotations. For starters, therapists can work on several people in an hour’s time. Another positive is that several therapists can share a designated space. Workplace massages are in an open or public space. As a result, none of the employees have to leave work. This is a win-win for both employee and corporate employer.

Corporate Massage is an Asset

The U.S. Census Bureau shows that workplace corporate massage chairs are an asset to the company. For example, they get a $3-$5.92 return on every dollar invested. Healthcare costs also decrease. Plus, there is:


  1. Stress reduction
  2. Better circulation
  3. Increased flexibility
  4. Boost immune system
  5. Pain relief
  6. Deeper sleep
  7. Brighter mood

The Five Benefits of Corporate Massage

Sixty percent of Americans say work is a significant source of their stress. If that is the case, then, a service such as an online seated massage is an effective way to lower employee stress. For instance, workers have fewer physical complaints and lower stress levels. They are also more productive. As a result, they become an asset to their employer, instead of a liability. Moving forward, the corporation sees:
  1. Decreased absenteeism
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Less employee turnover
  4. Reduced insurance costs
  5. Fewer repetitive strain injuries

Massage Chair Preparation

Before scheduling and implementing onsite chair events certain protocol must be in place. Plus, supplies must be on hand as well as procedures and agreements.


Print and agree to all terms of the event in writing prior to payment. The agreement should include:

  1.  Date, time, and physical location of event.
  2.  A contact name, email, and phone number for a company representative. Appointment length of each chair massage.
  3. Chair massage appointments usually range between 10-20 minutes with about 5 minutes of sanitation time.
  4.  Price including a gratuity or service charge.
  5.  State whether parking is free or should it be added to the event price.
  6. Decide whether to have clients pay a deposit or pay 100%
  7.  Bring work agreement to the event. Discuss no-shows


You forward the sign-up schedule to the employer after written agreement. Don’t forget to send your payment. The sign-up includes the event date, location, benefactor and available appointment times.


  • Massage chair is whole and functioning prior to leaving for the event.


  • Regular chair, lighting, electrical outlet, and trash receptacle:  CORPORATE MASSAGE CHAIR - AT WORKPLACE
  • Ask the employer to provide all the above items.
  • Always address the subject of appropriate climate.


  • Therapists must be trained in prenatal care.
  • Also, there is $50 fee for special maternity cushions


  • Lotion-based hand sanitizers and disinfectants after each session.


  • Two face cushions.
  • Therapists bring two disposable face cushion covers.
  • Cushions are alternated and disinfected between appointments.

Massage Chairs Safet?

Generally speaking, any type of massage is non-invasive. They are very low risk. Although there are specific concerns, the corporate massage chair is cost effective for employees. For one thing, it is lightweight. Another aspect is that it is comfortable for workers, and they offer health benefits.

Massage Chair Health Benefits

  • Increased flexibility and joint movement (helpful for arthritis).
  • Decreased muscle spasms (relieves sore muscles).
  • Improved circulation; especially in swollen ankles.
  • Reduced hypertension and improves blood pressure.
  • Relief of tension headaches.
  • Strengthens immune system (greater sense of well-being)
  • Better posture (stand taller and straighter).
  • Great for Sciatic pain relief.
  • Deeper and more restful sleep.

Massage Chair Benefits for Businesses

  • Increased employee productivity
  • More employee energy
  • Decreased sick days
  • Improved respect and appreciation for employer
  • Improve client/customer relationships
  • Competitive edge in your industry
  • Tax benefits
  • Enhanced employee wellness
  • Employee/customer incentive
  • Increased staff morale

Corporate Massage Chair is Lighter

In comparison to a regular a massage chair, a corporate chair is much lighter. In fact, it is very easy to transport. Another unique feature is the chair is portable, takes up little space and it is easy to set up. There are five massage chairs to consider. 

The Best Five Chairs for May of 2022 are:

1) Medical Breakthrough
2) Panasonic Real Pro 
3) Brookstone iRobotics 
4) Dreamwave 
5) Schultz ZycraPulse.
These chairs are all high performers in their own right.
They all have a high rating score for excellence in terms of:
Quality, Durability, Innovation, Company Reputation, Ease of Installation, Customer Service and Price. Selection is purely based on the individual’s personal choice. Here are what to look for in a massage chair:

Quality of Massage Chair

  • How durable and reliable is the massage chair?
  • Will it break after a year of use?
  • Score 5/5 Stars


  • The majority of massage chairs out there are never innovative.
  • This chair is groundbreaking and gives the ultimate massage.
  • How does the technology compare to other chairs?

Company Reputations

  • Does the company support customers 100%?
  • What is the reputation of this company?
  • Score: 5/5 Stars 

Ease of Installation

  • How Easy is it to Install?
  • Is the installation too complicated?
  • Score: 5/5 Stars

Quality of Customer Support

  • Do they answer their phone calls?
  • Can you reach them in an emergency?
  • Score: 5/5 Stars
  • Safety: Proximity sensors that regulate pressure.
  • Tailored to your individual need.


  • Are you getting the best bang for your buck?
  • Is this a good investment?

My Opinion of This Massage Chair

After doing extensive research on different types of massage chairs, I am convinced that Corporate Massage is the wave of the future. Evidence supports my position. These chairs lead to a more productive work environment. Toxic work sites can be detrimental to any company. For example, stress causes workers to call out sick more often.

Absences are counterproductivity can wreak havoc on a company. Keeping the employee morale up is key. Consequently, this positive attitude leads to productivity. Is your corporation ready to take your company to the next level?

Things to Consider Before Incorporating Corporate Massage

Incorporating a corporate massage into your company must be carefully thought out. This is a life-changing transition for all parties involved. For instance, take into consideration all the following:CORPORATE MASSAGE CHAIR - AT WORKPLACE

  1. How many people are in your group or office?
  2. Figure out a date and time to schedule the sessions
  3. Get a price quote
  4. Select a professional massage therapist
  5. How will this affect the company’s bottom line?
  6. If this is a positive outcome, this is a good investment
  7. Will this derail burnout?

What is Burnout Syndrome?

Stress causes 19% of employee absenteeism and 40% of employee turnover. Research shows that 60-90% of doctor visits is stress related. (American Institute of Stress and Chrysalis Performance Strategies).
Stress at work is sometimes inevitable. Eventually, stress causes tension. In turn, tension produces more stress over time. This tension leads to burnout. In fact, 50% of healthcare costs are higher for stressed-out workers. Companies with health and wellness programs (corporate massage) are making waves. For example:
  1. 28% less sick leave
  2. 26% less healthcare costs

Who It’s For

A corporate massage chairs go a long way. In fact, employers who install massage chairs for their employees are better off. Their work environment is less hostile. There are less disgruntled workers too. As a result, workers more likely to perform their tasks.
A good attitude, in turn, creates an environment of productivity and growth. Happy employees’ equal happy company. Therefore, incorporating corporate massage is a worthwhile investment. Employees are happy and they are less likely to have breakdowns and burnout issues.

Who it’s NOT For

Being a corporate masseuse is not everyone’s cup of tea. For example, a therapist’s work is collaborative. They share open space in a public setting. This calls for an understanding of their job requirements.
If the company expands, they need more therapists on deck. Thus, corporate massage techs must be flexible and cooperative with their colleagues. Company policies are non-negotiable. Furthermore, corporate massage is not for everyone. What suits one masseuse may not suit all. At the end of the day, corporate Americas is very picky.

People with certain medical conditions should not use corporate massage. Not everyone benefits from massage therapy. Please avoid massages if you have hypertension, diabetes, or fractures. Also, if you have herniated disks, or numbness, you must avoid massages at all costs. Finally, if you are pregnant or have any type of inflammation, corporate massage is not be safe for you.

P R O S ~

  1. Portable, light weight massage chair
  2. Leather pad
  3. Good for travel
  4. Relaxation on the go
  5. Easy to set up and adjust
  6. Durable
  7. Powder-coated aluminum
  8. Cushioned leather
  9. Head support, armrest
  10. Chest pad
  11. Adjustable seat
  12. Perfectly contour to changes in body position

The Corporate Massage Chair is also called Office Massage Chair. First, it folds up easily and does not take up a lot of space. Second, it has a heavy-duty, strong frame. However, it is still lightweight. Third, it has multilayer, high-density foam. The best of both worlds.

C O N S ~

Five Stages of Burnout

Burnout can affect anyone, at any time in life. Recent studies show the average professional experiences burnout by the age of 32. This is 100% accurate. In fact, that is, approximately, the exact age that I began to experience burnout.
I can tell you that burnout is no joke. In fact, it slowed me down and changed my life completely. It not only affected me on a physical level, but it affected all aspects of my life. While going through burn out (working 3 jobs), sleep was non-existent, and I withdraw from everyone.


Honeymoon Stage:

This stage represents optimism and energy. Working harder.

  1. Inability to switch off.
  2. Excited about a new job
  3. Starting a new business.
  4. High productivity level

Onset of Stress:

  1. Awareness of difficult days
  2. Optimism wanes
  3. Common stress symptoms (physically, mentally, or emotionally).
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Inability to focus
  6. Lack of sleep
  7. Lack of social interaction
  8. Neglect of personal needs

Chronic Stress:

  1. Change in stress levels
  2. Lack of motivation
  3. Feeling stress frequently
  4. More Intense Symptoms than in Stage 2
  5. Tiredness
  6. Procrastination at work
  7. Missed deadlines at work
  8. Late for work often
  9. Feeling out of control
  10. Denial of problems at home or at work   CORPORATE MASSAGE CHAIR - AT WORKSITE


This is when you are in the thick of it. Symptoms have intensified. It becomes difficult to cope. Please seek intervention at this level of burnout. If you feel empty inside and your physical symptoms worsen and you:

  1. Want to drop out of society
  2. Desire to alienate from family and friends
  3. Complete neglect of personal needs
  4. Chronic stomach or bowel pains set in
  5. You exhibit behavioral changes

Habitual Burnout:

  1. This the final stage of burnout.
  2. You are experiencing significant mental, physical and/or emotional problems
  3. Chronic fatigue and sadness
  4. Depression
  5. Burnout syndrome

How to Prevent Burnout from Effecting You

To stay one step ahead of the burn out process, it is extremely important to have a plan of action. Here are a few ways to avoid burnout:

  1. Invest in a workplace wellness program.
  2. Check out your company stress policy
  3. Prevent stress or deal with it.
  4. Learn to navigate challenges of burnout.
  5. Join a support group.
  6. You can explore Mindfulness and E-courses.

My Final Rating

I recommend this product as 9.5 Stars out of 10 Stars. A Corporate Massage chair has unlimited potential to keep the workplace stress free. It promotes productivity and helps boost employee morale. Most importantly, it helps improve the employer/employee relationship. CORPORATE MASSAGE CHAIR - AT WORKSITE

Final Take Home

Office massage is taking the corporate world by storm. Not only does it keep employers happy, but it also increases clientele and earning potential. In fact, it boosts a massage therapist into the limelight.
For example, employers help promote an outstanding corporate massage therapist. In fact, they become indispensable. Their earning potential skyrockets. At the end of the day, they get the unique opportunity to do special events. As a result, many become instant, hot commodities in the corporate world.
Thank you for joining me on this corporate massage journey. Feel free to share this information with family and friends. Also. do not hesitate to leave your questions and comments below. I’d love to correspond with you.

To your success,

Rachele, Founder



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