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My last two posts talked about the new craze for doll collectors. These artisans love to create or own a one-of-a-kind Real Life Baby Doll Accessories. This obsession is picking up steam. These dolls are some of the most sought-after collectibles of the 21st Century.

Within the last few years Real Life Baby Doll Accessories have exploded. Like any other baby, they require care and upkeep. This post will take the Reborn Baby care to the next level. It’s time to buy the everyday essentials and real-life baby doll necessities. Get those shopping carts ladies. We’re going shopping.

The Essential Accessories for Reborn Baby Dolls

First thing you do is prepare your basic baby essentials. Make sure you have clothing, blankets, diapers, bottles, and pacifiers. Then, you will need a deluxe stroller, car seat, and reborn milk formula. This formula is a combination of fabric softener and baby wipes. Finally, you will need baby shampoo, toddler toys, a rocking chair and a crib. That’s it in a nutshell.

You can add a few more things to your shopping list later on.  To kick it up a notch add an umbilical cord, baby fat and heat packs.  These heat packs can make the reborn warm to the touch. In addition, you can also add a voice box that mimics infant sounds. For preemie dolls, you can order incubators with a breathing apparatus attached to their tiny nose. Are we having fun yet? Good. Let’s get this party started.

Where can I Buy Accessories for my Reborn?

There are several places to buy accessories for your reborn baby doll. Places like Amazon, Etsy and the official reborn website at All these online stores have a complete line of everything you need as a first-time reborner. For the quality items that you will be getting, the prices are very reasonable.

Do you have a doll preference? The male dolls are also gorgeous. I saw a beautiful male doll who had the most gorgeous olive skin-tone, dimples and curly black hair. At the end of the day, every mother wants to have a so Everything about this doll was perfect.

Business is Booming for Reborn Baby Doll Collectors

Realistic lifelike dolls are taking posh communities by storm. Some buyers are spending upwards of $20,000 dollars and more on their reborn hobbies. Are wondering what causes the attraction to these reborn collectibles? Check out social media. Reborn enthusiasts meet daily on Facebook, web forums and also broadcast on YouTube.

The Reborn Movement has definitely had a breakthrough. Women across the globe are joining the movement in record numbers. For instance, Kelly Eldred, a reborn collector and bought her first doll on eBay in 1990. Since that time, Kelly has remained loyal to her calling. On her YouTube channel, she has accumulated more than 30,000 subscribers and 14,450,000 views. Her fan base is not letting up.

Realistic Reborners – A Breakthrough or Breakdown?

Is it possible to love and care for a non-human lifelike doll and NOT be categorized as being in a subculture? Only time will tell. In spite of the critics of reborn dolls, the enthusiasts are picking up steam. In fact, they have created their own reborn communities in some areas. Would you be able to accept your neighbor or family member if they were a reborner? I would have to say a slow yes based on my experience with someone who fits this lifestyle.

Back in the early part of 2000, one of my close friends had a cousin who talked about her baby that no one had actually seen. No one knew that her baby was non-real. One day she was hospitalized for separation anxiety. She complained about her mother’s new husband.
Unfortunately, she never got over the marriage. As a result of her anxiety, she adopted a reborn. This was the first time that I had heard about this phenomenon. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with having a reborn. As long as you are respectful and are not annoying or hurting other people it’s OK in my book. See the YouTube video at

Coping with Outside Judgments

Adopting a reborn baby doll is one thing. Buying baby formula, umbilical cords, and training potties is whole other dimension. becoming a full-time parent to a non-human doll. Yet, this trend is now a burgeoning worldwide movement. Despite unreasonable backlash, many reborn enthusiasts continue to enjoy what they do best.

One successful entrepreneur said it best. She loved creating her little angel dolls as a young child. He obsession with her dolls has not changed. She admits that dolls give her a chance to connect with her inner child once again. At the end of the day, it’s all about individual choices. What works for one person, may not work for another.

The Price for Accessories for a Reborn Baby Doll

There are so many accessories for these munchkins, I will list just a few of the most popular items.

These are some of the best-sellers:

  • Baby clothes $35-$50 and up
  • Cute Love Heart Pattern Shoes $13.99
  • Bear Transparent Pacifiers $9.99
  • Pin Bear Feeding bottles $13.99
  • 8-piece playset (girl) $35
  • Princess Outfit $33.99
  • Moon and Star Bassinet $39.99
  • Joovy Toy Car Seat $55.99

Luxurious Cradle Crib for Reborn Doll 15″-16″

  1. Handmade pink silk Brocante cradle/crib
  2. One cushion, one duvet and one blanket
  3. Solid bottom
  4. Adorned with lace and handmade flowers
  5. Size: 21″ x 12″ x 13 1/2″ high

Reborn Artisans are Oftentimes Mislabeled

Some reborn artists are sometimes mislabeled. Others have been wrongfully dubbed as queer and uncanny. Nevertheless, their purpose and mission remain steadfast. Many of them are swimming against the societal currents of judgment and ridicule. They have taken their story into the world by way of Facebook, web forums and YouTube. They are showing up strong.

Final Thoughts

Anything worth having is worth fighting for. You go reborn ladies! Reborn dolls have given hope to women suffering from anxiety. Depression, loneliness, infertility and loss a child through a miscarriage causes pain. In this sense, these dolls are heroes in their own right. They relieve the hurt and pain. To the critics, there is absolutely nothing to criticize, so I rest my case.

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