The Brookstone C7 Shiatsu -The Ultimate Cure for Pain

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Brookstone - Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Brookstone C7 Shiatsu Massager is going to be the ultimate joy in your life. This massage machine will help keep your body and your mind in complete homeostasis. Your muscles are going to thank you a thousand times.

The Brookstone C7 Shiatsu Rejuvenates

This chair will give you ultimate pleasure. It is going to relieve your aches and pains. When you sit for long hours, your back and shoulder muscles begin to cramp. Activities like gardening can also cause tension build-up. So, sit back, relax, and let the Brookstone C7 Shiatsu do its thing.

 Shiatsu Massage Techniques in Egypt and China

Massage Therapy has been around a long time. The earliest records show that it began in Egypt and China. Chinese massage is a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping and Tai Chi. It has been a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Nowadays people have more stress. Therefore, they need more release. A good massage can be life changing. Looking forward let The Brookstone C7 Shiatsu take your body and mind to a new level.

Brookstone C7 Shiatsu Transforms

Modern technology has transformed the art of therapy. There is no need for massage therapists anymore. Massage aims to promote health and wellness by creating the flow of energy around the body. Each session focuses on a specific region of the body

Shiatsu Japanese Massage Therapy

Pronounced – Shee aat SooShiatsu – is a form of Japanese massage therapy. It works with the body’s energy flow, known as Ki or Qi (pronounced chee). Shiatsu uses acupressure to release tension and bring balance to the body. Shiatsu can improve your mood and makes you feel relaxed. The primary goal of Shiatsu is to raise the energy levels. This can boost the immune system. This is the same goal of a Brookstone Shiatsu Massage Chair. Add in a little guided mediation and you are there- engulfed in peace and serenity.

Brookstone C7 Shiatsu is the Whole Package

What I admire about the Shiatsu machine is that it is compact. It is easy to assemble and does not take up a lot of space. I can carry it to and from work and can set it up in any room. You can find these beauties in any major department store, Walmart, Macy’s, Bed and Bath or at any online retail store.

The Brookstone Shiatsu – 3-in-1 Massager

  1. Brand: Brookstone
  2. Color: Black
  3. Power Source: Corded Electric
  4. Price: $
  5. Monthly Payments: $/month (6 months)

0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Yearly Interest

Brookstone’s Best Practice Business Model

The Brookstone business model prides itself on offering quality products to its customers. They never sell a low-quality item. They also make every effort to catalog all of their products so the buyers can see what they are getting.

Before deciding to buy any product make sure that it is a right fit for you. Aim for a high-quality item. Ask questions.

  1. Is it affordable?
  2. Does it come with a warranty?
  3. Is it reliable and will it give you satisfaction over time?
  4. Will It be cost-effective.
  5. Quality: Gold standard.
  6. Reliability: Cost effective
  7. Recommended by others:

I ran into the Brookstone brand by accident, and I am 100% convinced that they represent high-quality products.

Pros- Benefits of the Shiatsu Brand in 2022

The Brookstone Shiatsu family products are dependable. Their Brookstone Brands date back to1965. The founders, Pierre De Beaumont and his wife, Mary, began this company as a mom-and-pop shop. They increased their clientele through advertising and developed a Brookstone catalog.

Cons – The Downfall of a Major Brookstone 

Due to less traffic at their mall locations, they had to go out of business. They have reinvented themselves and are now one of the hottest businesses as of 2022. You can refer to my post “Brookstone Shiatsu – A High-Quality Massage Chair.” They have also teamed up with Macy’s, Bed and Bath and a host of over online retail markets.

Shed Some Light on Brownstone Shiatsu Massages

This particular brand is the best-seller because of what it can do. It is a powerful stress reliever. It relaxes the body by releasing tension. The Shiatsu increases the blood flow. It is also useful for lymphatic drainage.

Lymph nodes are the small bean-shaped structures that are a part of our body’s immune system. They work as filtering system that helps us fight infection and other diseases. The nodes are in various parts of the body – neck, armpit, abdomen, and groin. The nodes move in an inward and outward motion to deliver a deep massage.Brookstone -Shiatsu Massage Chair

These nodes have to drain:

  • Due to skin changes
  • Skin discoloration
  • Blisters
  • Inflammation
  • Sometimes after pregnancy.

Relax At Home

The Shiatsu is very versatile. You can enjoy a relaxing massage at home or your office. It will relieve your stress, tension and fatigue. You can enjoy a massage at home in a chair, recliner, couch or sofa while you are reading a book or watching TV. It’s a perfect get-away. You can always amp up the heat as a bonus.

Does Massage Chairs Cause Adverse Effects?

Neck, shoulders and back massage machines are capable of causing nerve damage. These cases are rare and rarely serious. Due to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning, people stopped discarding massagers. Reassembling them stopped.

Compared to Other Massage Devices

If you need a smaller device, the Shoulder Flex Massager is for you. It is a deep kneading machine. It was developed by King International. Model #SH61. Its purpose was to relieve stress and muscle tension through its “fingers.” Although it is smaller than a massage chair, it still packs a punch.  On the other hand, it is not as safe. Jewelry and long hair can get stuck in these machines. However, most of the new models are much safer than earlier ones.

First of all, if you have any doubt about getting a massage or massage equipment, err on the side of caution. Before you make your final decision check with your medical specialist. Secondly, understand that a neck massage, if administered in the wrong way. It can cause nerve damage, too. In rare cases, it can cause paralysis. Unfortunately, the neck is a vulnerable spot.

I Don’t Need a Massage Therapist Anymore

A Shiatsu massager is like having your own mini massage therapist right in the comfort of your home. The nice part about owning this machine is that you won’t have to dish out that extra cash at the day spa anymore.

Massages are always a pleasant way to start or end your day. Your muscles tire and need some tender loving care. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as the feeling of relief. During the process of massage, there is a release of serotonin, a bonus to your body and mind.

Best Features of a Shiatsu Dream Machine

  1. Height Adjustment: The Shiatsu adjusts at different levels, and It can accommodate different body types. It is, definitely, not a one-size-fits-all apparatus.
  2. Pain relief: Has 3 different pulse rates, hitting every muscle of the upper, middle and lower back. Relieving the muscle knots and built-up tension accumulated during the day. This is the perfect time to pamper yourself and escape for a little me-time.
  3. Release of Toxins: Shiatsu has exceeded its ability to work on the various muscle groups. It targets specific muscles within the neck, shoulders and back. Its deep kneading action kicks into high gear.
    1. The back and seat panels are heated for added comfort and relaxation
    2. Automatic shut-off button

Dynamic Squeeze Air Compression:

The Dynamic Squeeze Compression is a special feature that relieves overworked muscles.


    1. Rotating, continuous-flow machines.
    2. The rapid rotation accelerates the air as it passes through.
    3. It converts the velocity head into pressure.
    4. Compressed air can cause better blood flow.
    5. Better muscle recovery and reduced inflammation.
    6. Compression also helps reduce lower back pain in women.

How Often Should You use a massager?

You can give your Shiatsu a test drive.

Week One:

Start with a 20-minute massage.

You can add more time later on

Week Two:

You may increase your session by 5 or 10 minutes.

Other days you can try a 60-minute

2-3 times a week.

*Be sure to read the directions. Every machine is different. After a week, you can reevaluate your experience. How does your muscles feel? Do you need to increase or decrease the intensity? The ball is in your court.

Massage, Meditation and Mindfulness: The Holy Trinity of 2022

Meditation and mindfulness go with Massage like milk and Oreos. The perfect three-some. Add in soft music and heaven is mine. Like love and marriage! All three have healing properties. Let’s dive a little deeper.

The purpose of meditation is to help you bring peace and harmony into your life and space. You can do Meditation anywhere at any time. The benefits of meditation are endless.

  1. Meditation can help you clear your mind.
  2. Boosts productivity
  3. Improves your mood
  4. Improves relationships
  5. Reduces stress
  6. Increases memory
  7. Is compatible with massage


Mindfulness is a form of meditation that focuses on living in the present moment. You do not think about the past or future. You in the here and now. Mindfulness is also compatible with a massage. Deep inhalations and exhalations are congruent with mindfulness.

The next time your thoughts are on the run away train, bid them to stop. Try the acronym STOP:

S – Stop what you are doing. Put things down for a minute.

T- Take a deep breath

O – Observe your thoughts, feelings and emotions

PProceed with something that will support you in the moment. Listen to your body. Practice deep inhalations and exhalations


Combine your massage with 5 or 10 minutes of meditation. You will be giving yourself more healing power. Life can get stressful at times. The last two years of the pandemic has been challenging. An attitude of gratitude can also boost your happiness. Choose meditation, mindfulness or music. Anything that sparks your joy, it will be a life changer.

Shiatsu Massage Chair will be an enormous return on your investment.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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